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Join Т4.Startups Week — an event where startup owners can learn more about building a tech business

From November 27 to December 1, within T4.Startups Week, founders of early-stage startups from CEE will learn how to build a sustainable business.

Experienced IT entrepreneurs and investors from the TRMNL4 network will share their practical guidance on developing and validating startup ideas, building high-performing teams, and achieving key performance indicators and other focuses for early-stage founders. Participants can ask questions and share ideas with the speakers.

The following topics will be covered at the event:

  • “Not fancy side of startup journey: early-stage lessons”.

  • “Startup development from the first stages to achieving top indicators”.

  • “Startup operations magic: thrive at every stage”.

  • “A feature that investors are looking for in teams — Growth Mindset”.

  • “Critical choices, thriving ventures: decision-making in startups”.

“Suppose you are a startup founder who has just started the journey. You don’t know what to focus on: perfect product or quick user feedback, simple and fast processes or scaling-oriented, bootstrapping, or looking for investments. We invited five ‘doers’ to share their hard lessons so that founders can identify their most critical tasks.” — Tetyana Ladanova, Startup Program Manager.

The program is designed specifically for founders of startups at the pre-seed stage, but even founders of more mature startups can join to find some “nuts and bolts” to apply to their businesses. Participation is free, but registration is required.


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