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Genesis wins Forbes Ukraine's 'Lovemark for employees' award

On April 24, Forbes Ukraine and the job search website announced the best employers in Ukraine. As part of the “NadLudi” forum, the magazine introduced the participants of the Best Employers rating and then awarded the companies that won in their nominations. 

Genesis received the "Love mark for employees" award, which recognizes companies with the most loyal employees. Genesis was also ranked as one of the top ten employers in the country. Our partner company Headway was ranked second. 

This is the fourth such survey of workplaces by Forbes Ukraine, and the second since the outbreak of full-scale war. To compile the ranking, Forbes Ukraine and sent out questionnaires to the country's largest employers, with the opportunity for anyone to apply. 

Forbes Ukraine analyzed 41,875 questionnaires from employees of more than 200 companies. Employee responses accounted for 70% of the weight in the final rating. Another 20% comes from the assessment of recruitment experts and industry editors of Forbes Ukraine, and 10% is based on information from open sources. 


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