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Genesis has launched the Genesis for Ukraine Foundation

Genesis has established the Genesis for Ukraine Charitable Foundation to fund the needs of employees, their relatives, and friends who have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and Territorial Defense Forces. The Foundation seeks and purchases equipment, machinery, clothing, medical equipment, and medicine. In addition, the fund's team organizes the delivery of these goods to various locations in Ukraine.

Genesis employees can turn to the organization for help if they are defending the country and have a request for military equipment, medicine, or other relevant needs. They can also make requests on behalf of someone close to them who is serving. All employees of the company also have the opportunity to contribute to the fund and their colleagues. Genesis top management and the company's projects were the first to contribute to the fundraiser.

"We are proud of our colleagues who are fighting on the front lines / in the hot zone, and we want to help them using all the available tools. In recent months we have been assisting employees on a point-by-point basis upon request, and have developed effective mechanisms to do so. So we decided to create a separate fund that will do it more centrally and quickly," said Genesis co-founder and CEO Volodymyr Mnogoletniy.

At the time of the official launch, the Foundation had already purchased and delivered equipment including military clothing and footwear, thermal imagers, medical supplies, bulletproof vests, and a car. Applications are processed by the organization’s team of about ten employees.

Since the beginning of the war, Genesis has arranged safe conditions for employees and organized a number of initiatives to help the state resist Russian aggression. Genesis companies and projects have already transferred over 28 million UAH to the accounts of the Return Alive Foundation and a special state account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We also sent 5 million UAH of targeted assistance to the army. In addition, more than $3 million was allocated to help the state in other areas.


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