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Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine: How Genesis joins the struggle

From the first hours of Russia’s war on Ukraine, Genesis has been working to ensure that our employees and their families are safe, and that we help Ukraine as much as we can. Currently, the company's activities are focused on three areas:

  • Organizing the security of employees and their families, including comfortable living and working conditions;

  • ensuring business continuity;

  • support of the state in the defense of the country with all the available resources.

Work continues. Most employees of all projects of the company work remotely from different cities of Ukraine and Europe, in safe conditions. Some employees of the company's administrative department stayed in Kyiv of their own volition.

Thanks to the daily efforts of the administrative and project teams, business reorganization and uninterrupted operation of Genesis digital products are ensured. The company pays salaries to employees and pays taxes to the state not from the country's internal resources but from the revenues it receives from users around the world. Therefore, one of the main tasks of Genesis today is to continue to work and support the country's economy so that Ukraine has the opportunities and resources to defend itself.

In addition, we are consistently making efforts to support the Ukrainian army:

  • Genesis companies and projects have already transferred over 28 million UAH (equivalent to $960,000 USD) to the accounts of the Return Alive Foundation and a special state account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We also sent 5 million UAH of targeted assistance to the army.

  • We have sent more than 8,7 million UAH (equivalent to $3 million USD) to help the state in other areas.

Meanwhile, we continue to raise funds. "There is a lot of difficult work ahead, but together we will cope. We will win this war with dignity only if mutual assistance is a priority. These difficult times will be the driving force of our country's development. The enemy will be rejected a decade ago, and we will move forward and restore the country's economy and infrastructure" - Volodymyr Mnogoletniy, CEO of Genesis.


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